Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Pie Pre-sale tickets

All funds raised go towards long-term initiatives for the boys at the Firs Boys Home in Mussoorie, India
Thanksgiving Pie Pre-sale tickets on sale tonight 5-7pm at Kahala Resource Center at Kahala Mall located above California Pizza Kitchen and tomorrow 8-12pm at Diamond Head Theater.
10" Family Pies-Limited number- 
Choose from Sweet Potato-Pecan, Old Fashioned Pumpkin and Indian Apple Pies ready for pick up at Kahala Resource Center the day before Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What am I doing? going for a run thats what...

One week from today I will be in the bake-athon of my life. That's if all goes well with the pre-sale this weekend. I don't think I have a proper idea of what I am getting myself into. And at this moment I am not completely sure whether I am talking about the 24 hours of straight pie baking or trying to raise funds for the boys home in India, or attempting to go there on a long-term trip with Reid... it's times like this where you just stop and can't help but ask- what in the world am I doing...and continue anyway. A night run sounds just perfect at this moment.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Complete the feast this Thanksgiving with a HOMEMADE family sized 10" pie.

Buy a pie and bless a friend, family relative, or neighbor. All pies are only $12 each and made from scratch! (which means there is love in every bite!)

Choose from: 
      Old Fashioned Pumpkin...
                               Indian Apple... 
                                                 Sweet Potato-Pecan
                           Or try all three!!!
   The best part is, by purchasing a pie you will be supporting children in India!!       

A Sweet Dedication serves to raise funds for long-term initiatives for our children at The Firs, (a boys home) in Mussoorie, India. To learn more about India Initiatives and read up-to-date stories about the boys and the home, visit, or Facebook India Impact Initiative.

To order a pie TODAY, or to learn more about this ministry-please email 

Deadline to order is November 20th
Pies can be picked up at the Kahala Resource Center at Kahala Mall (above CPK) Wednesday, November 23rd anytime between 8am-12pm

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learning as I go

There are so many reasons to not do something. Most reasons are practical like 'I don't have enough time, money, resources'...then there is the default thought, 'what difference can one person make'...but my favorite excuse for not doing something-and I've used it all my life- "I am just not programmed that way"..Isn't it great!? I mean really great? Nothing beats the justification in it.
I'm not necessarily saying that 'I don't know how', cause then one can argue- 'well, learn' and I am not admitting that I am afraid, that just leads to a cause of being courageous...
No, simply saying "ummm yeah, my brain isn't wired that way' has somehow become the lie that justifies me, effortlessly, walking away from a world of life that just may lead me into living, walking, and breathing in God's Will.
The bottom line is that I know I am lazy and terrified...and yes, self-centered. I don't know how to do everything but at the potential of failing in front of others, at the cost of looking like a fool perhaps, at the idea of stepping out of my own comfort to do anything that is bigger than myself...well that just requires a whole lot of effort and courage,,, and FAITH.
(A friend recounted to me a sermon by Joyce Meyers, this was just yesterday so I still have to listen, but she spoke of the shield of Faith, regarding spiritual warfare; it doesn't just float in front of us protecting us, it requires effort for us to actually lift that shield and use it...and we build a muscle.)
I loved hearing this! Because faith does require effort. And there is transformation in faith. Isn't it great to know the Holy Spirit can transform us! Will transform us!

There isn't going to be much transformation, though, if I keep using the excuse, "That's just the way I am" (what is an excuse but a lie we live out). So here's to effort- to faithfully walk towards where God is calling us to be, how to be...
That's what I am learning everyday that I work toward making this ministry happen. I find myself turning more and more to God in doing tasks, which is so much more awesome than depending on myself and my own abilities! I still don't have a team locked down-So I am up close and personal with all the things that I am not good at, like leadership in team building, and administration skills, and well I have a long list :)
But I am pushing through faithfully and learning as I go and I want to share with anyone who uses that same modo that I've used all my life- So to challenge you too! And it IS challenging but extremely rewarding to stop hiding behind excuses and just go for it!