Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas on a Budget!

40$ trees!? Point me in the right direction!
As we searched around the town to buy this years Christmas tree someone let us know that Home Depot was selling trees for forty dollars. We went straight away only to find that they had just sold out of the last forty dollar tree less than an hour ago and that was their last shipment! We had spent much traffic sitting and gas running and time spending at this point, what's another twenty dollars? 6ft trees was all they had.
"Here Reid hold this one right here so I can take a look"...TIMBER!!!-Tree shopping with an eight year old (with very skinny arms) was quite a tree wobbling adventure. But we managed to pick out our new temporary addition to our home and off we went to the tree prepper.
"Can you take maybe a foot off???" (My home has very low ceilings)
So now with a 5ft tree all tied to my car, we set off for home. Little did I remember my tree stand is made for trees up to 5ft tall- and cutting it down does not change the girth of the trunk.
"Ohhhh Fudge" (as Ralphie would put it)
"I will not buy a new tree stand, I will not buy a new tree stand" was my mantra for the next thirty minutes it took to figure out a way to get this tree secured in the good old fashioned tin tree stand made for tree trunks about an inch and a haf thinner than the one I had. "Reid hold the tree, hold the tree, HOLD The Tree so it doesn't fall!"
Man when that tree was set so was my mind-ON CHRISTMAS! strung the lights, hung the old red balls that we had stashed away, and now to dress it up.... No way with the strung popcorn that's just inviting those little bugs! But with what!
"I will not buy Christmas ornaments I will not buy Christmas ornaments..." became my new mantra! I am really trying to do this on a budget...EUREKA! For some crazy reason I saved all my Christmas cards from last year!
So there wwe were, me and Reid, in our reindeer ears and Christmas music playing cutting up all the pretty glittery holiday images off the cards and tapping string to the backs and hanging them on the tree! Voila!!! Christmas On A Budge!. Mama's proud, Son is happy- Making new Christmas memories. More Christmas on a budget ideas to come!!!

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