Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting Creative With What We Have!

I have always been one to rather save time than money...always loved my sisters modo "it will pay for itself", and when it comes to holidays and celebrations making it memorable has always been of higher value than money.
So when Halloween comes we will get the 5$ bag of gourds...and when Christmas comes we will use them again!
So this week while cleaning the house, coming up with ways to save money yet make Christmas special I was about to toss away October's perfectly round small gourds...we are in a new season and though the artist in me tends to want to pack rat, I am certainly no horder, just running a little behind on changing the theme in the home...but wait this has played in my favor.
"Reid!!! we got snowmen!!!" He obviously has no idea what I am talking about until I bring out the white paint and construction paper. He even got creative and pulled out Gigi's jumbo packets of straws..."Mommy! Corncob pipe!" Reid your a genius I tell him!
Voila! we have two new Christmas ornaments to fill the home, no holiday shopping involved whatsoever!!!
And there you have it Christmas on a budget!!!
I'll let you know if I get anymore inspiring I am just on a Christmas cookie making kick...reminds me of Christmas at Home!

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