Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In case you are wondering what this is about...it is more than just pie- promise

What an exciting Thanksgiving. Like none other- 70 Homemade pies! Thank you so much for your generosity. I will post pics and recipes soon. I think I am only now recuperating from the Thanksgiving Holiday...and we are only a few weeks away from Christmas!!!

It is an interesting experience trying to walk faithfully, I am not really sure what exactly is going to happen but I can share what the plan is and only do what I can do today without worrying about how it all pans out tomorrow...
So these pie sales are to raise funds and awareness for some long-terms goals for the boys home in India. 
The idea is that the food I prepare is a gift for your donation. I AM prayerfully preparing to go to India long-term but the funds that I am raising through A Sweet Dedication are NOT to sponsor my own trip- airfare, living, other costs... The funds that are raised from your generous gifts are going towards an account that can be used to implement some basic life-skills initiatives while serving there. 

(Separately I will have to find sponsors interested in funding my mission)

But FIRST, I am sending sponsor letters for a short-term mission with the India Impact Initiative Team for this coming March! (This will also be a good time to connect with the leaders there and create more of a plan too.)

I know, that's a lot of fundraising isn't it. 

Well like I said in the beginning of this post, It is an interesting experience trying to walk faithfully...
Actually it is more than interesting. It is exciting, challenging, and even sometimes lonely and confusing;  it is an adventure-the unknown, facing fears, stretching beyond comforts, and finding strength and rest in God's mercy and grace...one thing is for sure, no matter what happens it is always 100% with a purpose bigger than myself and my own wants, and without regrets! I am doing it for Jesus, my heart is His, completely.

One goal is to have monthly donors with a heart for this service and for being a monthly donor I will deliver a special lunch to your home or workplace once a week. I really love cooking for others so I made it a service that I can provide for your generosity. But even without being a monthly donor, if you want to ever order something for a potluck or your small group meeting, or anything at all you can just email me an order and I will prepare it for you. Instead of going to a supermarket your money will go towards 35 wonderful boys in India who God is going to use to change a nation! And it is tax deductible so if this speaks to your heart email me at a asweetdedication@gmail.com anytime!
If you want to learn a little more about the boys home check out teamfaith.blogspot.com

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